What is Elements?

Elements is a multiplayer server backend designed to be a scalable, easy to deploy solution for developers. It is a server side scripting engine designed to run games in the cloud while providing a set of commonly required features to developers. Elements is designed to save developers hundreds of hours of time.

What Makes Elements Different?

Elements takes multiplayer gaming to a new level by providing developers a nearly limitless pool of resources around which they can develop their games. Unlike traditional connected gaming services, Elements does not place upper limits on the size of a server, parallel games, or connected players. Elements is designed to handle heavy loads. With its horizontal scaling capabilities, developers can now handle a large influx of users at any time with minimal effort and preparation.

Traditional game servers operate similarly to how game engines run. A set of scripts process the game frame by frame on a single server and the result is streamed over a network where it is rendered allowing all players to interact simultaneously. Elements does not render the game frame by frame, eliminating the need to house the entire game on a single server instance. Instead, Elements uses an intelligent timing and synchronization algorithm to distribute the game scripts among many nodes in a cluster of servers. This lifts the limit on the number of users or parallel processes and allows developers to build truly scalable applications.


Elements prevents cheating and piracy by running all gameplay on the server side. With its server-side scripting engine, the server dictates all game logic securely and then sends results back to players. Developers program their server game code in Lua, and the scripting engine is simple and easy to use.


In addition to advanced parallel processing algorithms, Namazu Elements is backed by a full set of testing and development tools using industry standard practices.  The developer edition of Namazu Elements fully integrates Docker providing a complete “out of the box” solution for local development. Easy to use setup tools and a zero-configuration approach make it ideal for rapid prototyping and development.


Elements is designed to save devs time, effort, and money by providing a set of desirable ready-to-go-features with a proven architecture. Fully integrated with Unity, Elements features automatic code generation to save time linking your game with the server. Saves effort on other routine, boilerplate features: User account management with multiple levels of access and social media integration for authentication and friend support are ready to go out of the box. Leaderboards and cross-platform matchmaking are included.

Distinctive Feature Details
  • Scripts are distributed automatically across a cluster of servers based on demand providing a lightning fast service at massive scale.

  • Provides a full suite of development and testing tools allowing developers to rapidly test and deploy code with confidence, reducing bugs and enhancing the players experience.

  • Promotes authoritative server making cheating difficult and keeping the multiplayer experience fair.

  • Instant code deploys for rapid development and prototyping, allowing developers to turn around new features quickly.

  • Lua scripting environment, allows for long-running coroutines without hogging server resources.

  • Code is generated cross-platform using Swagger and OpenAPI specification, including Swagger support for Unity3D.

  • Standard connected gaming features such as matchmaking, leaderboards, player profiles, and account management.

  • Integration with social media platforms for painless login and user authentication

  • Full suite of admin tools allowing developers to better serve players

  • Server-side 2D Physics Simulation using Box2D

  • Local Easy-to-Setup Development Environment using Docker