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Game Developers Conference 2024: Showcasing Elements and Building Partnerships in San Francisco

Our Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024 in San Francisco was an exciting, busy week of expos and conversations! We're thrilled to share this significant milestone in our goal of bringing affordable, essential development tools to the impassioned gaming community.

Representing Elemental Computing, Inc. (ECI), we had the fantastic opportunity to engage with an array of game studios and publishers at GDC. Wall to wall, the expansive Moscone Center was filled with enthusiastic and informative members of the gaming community, hosting booths full of original ideas, art, technology, and collaborations. Yash Vanjani, our Chief Product & Marketing Officer was thrilled learning about industry trends and innovative solutions in the market at GDC  - “GDC is full of business opportunities, and some of the relationships that we built at GDC will redefine the way our product Elements helps developers, engineers, and CTOs, launch their products in the market.” From indie studios to industry giants, we discussed the growing influence of AI, the saturation of Battle Royales, and the unprecedented success of underdog favorites like Lethal Company and Palworld.

Passionate game developers continue to create unforgettable projects, but getting these diamonds in the rough off the ground and out of alpha takes time and resources. Throughout the conference, we had insightful meetings with a plethora of game studios, exploring ways to enhance their development pipelines and streamline server infrastructure access. Providing essential software for these talented teams is incredibly rewarding, and we're excited about the partnerships and fully released titles that will follow.

We also had the chance to connect with game publishers, who were often unsatisfied with their server access provider or displeased with the prospect of choosing one. We quickly got to discussing the need for a cross platform client with uninhibited scaling and SSO profiles (One account to access every game), an advantage many well funded publishers have always held due to high barriers to entry. Nathan Hoagland, a BD Associate at ECI, expressed frustration at the available platforms for new games looking for a host – “Game Publishers have always had profound disadvantages entering a space dominated by reputation and momentum, and the limited availability of competitive publishers leads to more exploitative contracts for game developers. Much like the music industry, where labels and streaming services take the lion’s share of profits, big name hosting platforms are free to set revenue terms with little competition.” As tech developers seeking to democratize access to game creation resources, we were thrilled to demo an affordable product that met their requirements and provides an intuitive UI for their multigame connectivity services. 

We are following up this conference with a bid for South by Southwest (SXSW), a multimedia convergence of tech forward groups in Sydney, Australia. A vote for our submission would help us get the word out, and go a long way to bring Elements to a larger audience. Access the form here, complete a brief registration, and vote for our session - “Leveling the playing field: Removing the barriers to entry in the gaming industry.” For those who follow through, we can’t express our gratitude enough!

We want to extend our thanks to the sponsors of GDC – Epic Games, Microsoft, Xsolla, Tencent, Meta, Google, WeMade, PICO, and Unity – for their support in making this event possible. Their contributions ensured a seamless and enriching experience for all attendees.

And of course, a big shoutout to the Moscone Center for hosting us in such a vibrant and dynamic environment. It was the perfect setting for fostering collaboration and innovation within the gaming community, and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer week to catch some sun in the nearby Yerba Buena Gardens. 

As we look back on our GDC conversations, the opportunities ahead are abundant and exhilarating. We're grateful for the connections we've made and the acceleration of our product in a space we love to improve. 

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