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Wincast + Elements: A Case Study

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

What is Elements?

Elements is an all-in-one server engine designed to be simple enough for a novice to create a truly connected Web3 application, and robust enough for experienced teams to craft the future of their industry with complex functionality support. We have an infrastructure that allows application and game developers, from large companies to indie labels, to transition seamlessly to Web3. We believe Elements is one of the most efficient ways for traditional companies to enter the world of blockchain.

What is Wincast?

Wincast is the next generation interactive streaming platform for live sports entertainment. The platform allows users to stream live events and bid on moments as they happen on screen, receiving them immediately after as NFT collectibles. Imagine bidding on the final at-bat, down, penalty kick, etc. of an event and end up owning one of the greatest sports moments of all-time. The goal is to let Wincast fans own the moment before it becomes THE moment.

Wincast’s system is built by veterans in the web2 streaming and gaming and web3 NFT space, and is the first platform of its kind. Wincast successfully launched its live beta on July 16th, and will be scheduling more events in the near future with its initial content partners. Current investors include Coinfund, Binance, Ceras Ventures, Dream Ventures, and the advisory board includes the Head of Growth and Partnerships at Moonpay and former CTO of DFG.

How Wincast Uses Elements

Custodial Wallets

Elements securely manages each user's blockchain identity thus lowering the barrier to entry for the average user and maximizing the market size.

Smart Contract Management

Provides a frictionless experience to end-users while giving the site operators peace of mind knowing Elements' world class security stops bad actors dead in their tracks.

SSO and User Management

Password fatigue affects 82% of users and costs the US economy a whopping $480 billion annually. Elements virtually eliminates this problem.

On-the-Fly Minting

A crucial feature of Wincast is the live-auction mechanics of the site. Elements can effortlessly make instant blockchain transactions.

Serverless Scripting Engine

Wincast's operations team can deploy rapid updates to the site with minimal downtime. and develop new features in a fraction of the time over traditional methods.


Elements scales rapidly to meet increasing customer demands. Site operators can rest assured that the site will handle hundreds or billions of users effortlessly.

“The team at Elements accelerated the development of Wincast bringing us from having only an idea to a fully functioning site in just about three months, greatly exceeding our investors' expectations.”

Noah Diskin Kline, CEO Wincast

The Financial Impact of Elements

Configuring reliable cloud infrastructure is one of the highest cost and most time consuming tasks for early-stage start-up companies.

Here we compare the estimated costs of the traditional approach vs Elements' accelerated approach showing a savings of $149,600 in DevOps costs alone.

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