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Unlocking Seamless Scalability for Your Game Launches

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As a game developer managing DevOps and backend systems, you're undoubtedly aware of the importance of a smooth and scalable game launch. Let's look at a case study where a poor back-end system devastated a recent, much-anticipated game release.

The PayDay 3 Launch: When the Backend Fails To Catch Up

Recently, Starbreeze Studios launched their highly anticipated title, PayDay 3, after a decade's gap to its predecessor, to great excitement. However, their joy quickly turned to disappointment as millions of players couldn't connect to the game servers on launch day. The culprit? A scalability issue with their DevOps partner.

In the first month following the launch, PayDay 3's Steam player base plummeted by 90%, while PayDay 2, released in 2010, now boasts ten times the concurrent users. It goes to show that scalability issues can have a crippling effect on even the most promising game launches, and we're here to ensure you never face a similar fate.

Why Scalability Matters

Scalability issues arise when backend infrastructure is not adequately designed to handle heavy traffic. At Elemental Computing, we understand that your game's success depends on seamless scalability. Our architecture is finely tuned and performance-tested for heavy-duty traffic, ensuring your game launch is a resounding success.

Your Solution: Elemental Computing's 'Elements'

Elements is a comprehensive server engine that has been meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of game developers. Whether you're a novice looking to create a connected platform with ease or an experienced team aiming to push the boundaries of your industry with complex functionalities, Elements has you covered. Below are some of its various features.

  • A Plethora of Commonly Used Features for Connected Games: Element’s comprehensive suite of features simplifies the creation of connected games and ensures a seamless gaming experience for your users.

  • Platform-Agnostic Toolset: Element’s tools are versatile and adaptable, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your game development workflow.

  • Speed, Security, and Scalability: the Element’s software bundle is performance-tested to handle heavy traffic, offering unrivaled speed and security.

  • Deployment to Any Digital Environment: Using Elements, with just a click, you can deploy your game to any digital environment, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Discover Elemental Computing

This incident with Starbreeze Studios is a stark reminder of the importance of scalability for game launches. We believe in reliable and adaptable DevOps services, and this is why our partners value consistency. Our partners have never experienced connectivity issues for their users.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your game launches and join hands with a reliable, performance-driven partner? Let's discuss how Elemental Computing can empower your game development journey. We invite you to schedule a meeting with us to explore how our solutions can elevate your game development.

Don't leave your game's success to chance. Reach out to us and ensure a future of seamless scalability and unmatched performance.

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